Frequently Asked Questions

Calgary Silk Screen is a full in-house provider operating nearly 10,000 square feet of production. We are a committed and hard working group. Our company philosophy is to treat our clients the way we like to be treated. This is reflective in all aspects of business. Therefore, we value and appreciate your candor and input in our business relationship.

Screen-Printing FAQs

Will this design peel off?
The screenprinting process literally bonds the ink to the fabric. There is no glue or adhesive. The bond with the fabric is stronger than the fabric alone. This means that the fabric will deteriorate long before the image. The ink is actually bonded and cured at a high temperature.

What are the size limitations?
The typical image size on an adult size T-shirt is 13″ horizontally and 15″ vertically.Youth shirt image size is 8″ wide – height depending upon shirt.Oversize prints (e.g. banners; table cloths etc.) is 16 feet.Contact us for a recommendation for the size and location of your design.

There are a lot of different styles of shirts. Which ones do you recommend?
We recommend a T-shirt or Polo style shirt of 6 oz. or higher. The heavier shirts allow us to apply the proper amount of pressure to prevent bleeding.

What are your minimum quantities?
There are no minimums, however, certain set-up fees may apply. Check out our price list.

What colors do you have?
We have a full spectrum of colors. Custom blending is available. We can also produce images with sparkles, metallic, fluorescent, and UV reactive properties.

Is the ink comfortable to wear?
The product is very lightweight and comfortable. The bonding process actually minimizes the bleed through of the ink to the backside of the fabric.

How many colors can I use in a design?
We currently print up to eight colors. We have the ability to run more colors. Please contact us for inquiry.

How long does it take for an order?
A typical order cycle: We design the artwork image or receive an electronic format from which we produce a proof. We send that image back to you for your approval. Upon approval, we will produce positive film separations. We burn the image to a UV sensitive prepared screen. The screen with the image is then secured to the screenpress and ink is applied on the screen. The image is registered to the garment and ink is pushed through the screen. The image is printed onto the garment, packaged and shipped. The normal time for this complete process is 10 working days for a typical order (Higher quantities require an extended schedule – it is best to contact us about these orders).

Can you provide custom handling and labeling?
We are capable of complete fulfillment of your order. We can procure the garment, embellish, label, tag and ship according to the client requirements.

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