We have had the pleasure of screenprinting a wide variety of images and colors for many different companies. We offer the highest quality screenprinting using the latest in technical screenprinting equipment. Our automatic and manual screenprinting presses are operated by our highly qualified team. We offer the ability to screenprint on a wide scope of items in a variety of sizes. Check out our Gallery to see some of the items we have imprinted.




If combining youth and adult garments in one order, the print size must be for the smallest garment either middle front or back.

Upper left/right prints for adult shirts cannot be combined with youth shirts and are considered separate print jobs. Artwork can be scaled down for youth sizes if preferred.

Maximum print size is 14″ wide x 16″ high. (Fits youth 14-16 to adult sizes)

Maximum print size is 8″ wide x 14″ high. (Fits youth 2-4 and 10-12)

Maximum print size is 12″ wide.

Banners, tablecloths, tents, signs etc. by quote sheet.


We offer no guarantee for washability of screen-printed items under any condition. To minimize risks: 
– Wash in cold water on gentle cycle
– Do not use bleach
– Hang to dry
– Do not dry clean
– Inks will outlast the material
– Cottons degenerate from high and prolonged drying

Ink colour correctness varies with:
The printing process (screenprinting, padprinting)
The colour of the substrate
Substrate surface quality
Pantone colours or ink colours are indicated for reference only. They are approximate colour matches for process colours printed on white substrate.

Email or Fax your order immediately upon confirmation. Please ensure the work order is fully completed. This sets the work order into our system immediately and the artwork and art approval process can begin.

Pre-production samples are always a difficult issue. While we do not wish to print something unanticipated or unacceptable, we cannot hold up and occupy our machines waiting on approval. To compromise, we set up these jobs at the end of the schedule day. This way, approval can be obtained immediately. But, if we receive a faxed approval by 8:00 am the following morning, we must charge a $20.00 fee or $100.00/hour waiting fee from 8:00 am onward. Be advised that any changes effect the entire job, the set up and the billing thereof. If the artwork changes, it essentially becomes a new job and must be billed accordingly.


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